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The major areas of focus for pathology provision are being shaped by :

  • Focussing on Efficiency
  • Focussing on Quality
  • Focussing on Money



Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance in the biochemistry laboratory is intended to ensure the reliability of the laboratory tests. The objective of quality assurance is to achieve reliable test results by

  • Accuracy
  • Precision

This refers to the closeness of the estimated value to that considered to be true. Accuracy can, as a rule, be checked only by the use of reference materials which have been assayed by reference methods.


This refers to the responsibility of the result, but a test can be precise without being accurate. Precision can be controlled by replicate tests and by repeated tests on previously measured specimens. And the test result or value which we get should be closer to the previous one.
Inaccuracy and/or imprecision occur as a result of using unreliable standards or reagents ,incorrect instrument calibration, or poor consistently faulty dilution or the use of a method that gives a reaction that is incomplete or not specific for the test.

This can be done by

  • Eliminating rework
  • Save time
  • Save labour
  • Save material e.g. reagent, specimen etc.
  • Patient care.

Quality Assurance Programmer Includes

  • Internal quality control (IQC)
  • External quality assessment (EQC)
  • Proficiency surveillance
  • Standardization